Capgemini Cloud Platform

Extract more value from the cloud.

Capgemini Cloud Platformbrings together the right technology, processes and culture to help organizations of every size leverage the efficiency and agility of cloud. It is a portfolio of cloud services and accelerators in a single cloud management platform.

Take your cloud strategy to a higher level.

  • Ready-to-go cloud platform:A ready-built, tried, tested, and proven platform
  • 阿德anced user portal:A single, integrated solution with a full suite of cloud business services to deploy new services faster
  • Automation:Replacing manual, repetitive processes with automated tasks
  • Billing and consumption transparency:Consumption dashboard and daily updates give you full control over spending and cost optimization recommendations
  • Cloud accelerators:Support for rapid development of new innovative services through auto-provisioning, containerization, microservices, integration, and other accelerators
  • Cloud target operating model:A culture that supports a cloud business and takes full advantage of cloud capabilities

Five service blocks, infinite possibilities.

Capgemini Cloud Platform features five integrated service units that add a variety of advanced capabilities. The first four facilitate workload management; the fifth accelerates and standardizes the delivery and operation of cloud use cases.

Capgemini Cloud Platform: Service Blocks

Why choose Capgemini Cloud Platform?

  • Freedom of choice:Multi-cloud, multi-supplier, multi-technology options
  • Fast reaction times:Deploy at the click of a button and scale on demand
  • Simplification: Single-pane-of-glass management with advanced automation
  • Flexibility: Adopt new cloud capabilities and scale up on the fly
  • Transparency:Get real-time visibility on consumption – no surprises!
  • Innovation: Use the hybrid cloud to accelerate innovation and time to market
  • Cost reduction: Cost savings of up to 77% have been achieved through optimization

Service Levels*

  • Service desk: Severity 1 <30 minutes to react and <3 hours to resolve 95% of the time
  • Service desk: Severity 2 <60 minutes to react and <8 hours to resolve 95% of the time
  • Service desk: Severity 3 <8 hours to react and <5 business days to resolve 95% of the time
  • Service request response times: <8 hours (simple) or <24 hours (complex) 95% of the time
  • Change request response time: 24 hours to initiate planning and budget discussions 95% of the time
  • Root cause analysis: Severity 1 and major incidents to be delivered in 10 business days or 3 business days on escalations 95% of the time
  • Infrastructure backup will be initiated per an agreed schedule with 99.9% success rate and any failures will be reinitiated the following business day
  • VM monitoring: for availability status (99.9%), memory capacity (95%), compute capacity (95%), and associated storage discs (90%)
  • Anti-virus monitoring: of agent status and malware detection once per day.

*SLAs are subject to agreement and are to be defined on a per deal basis.


Brochure – Capgemini Cloud Platform

云首先是一个令人信服的概念:构建exciting new offers, get to market faster, and save money. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Because the road from here to there is rarely straight and clear.

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